Founders of BOGA

About Us

Why BOGA? you may ask.

How it all started…

It started with a quartet of ambitious and creative co-founders. Meet the BOGA team – Phuoc, Teresa, Trung, and Son. Here’s their story and how BOGA got started.

Trung and Teresa, a husband and wife team from California, visited WA often to visit their cousin Phuoc. On their trips, they noticed that something was lacking, no place for kids and families to gather in the unique way they were accustomed to. Unlike the welcoming, creative, and fun boba options Trung and Teresa enjoy in California, WA was missing great boba in a welcoming space for work, play, study, and just chill.

Phuoc felt something was missing as well. Teresa and Trung shared their vision and inspired him to join them to create a fresh modern take on the beloved but boring boba found in WA. The new trio knew they needed to be rooted in the community to be successful. Best friends since grade school, and also a native of WA, Phuoc asked Son to join the team. The four joined forces to build the perfect quartet, each with different skills for their budding boba business.

Four for More

The Craftsman

Talented culinary craftsman, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School

The Designer

Inspired quirky designer, comes up with crazy ideas for the guys to make reality

The Numbers Man

Prudent operations expert, makes sure there’s a plan and executes

The Foundation

Quality can-do contractor, construction from scratch, Mr. Fix-it and makes it happen

Family, Friendship, and Community are at the heart of BOGA

Trung’s passion is to create healthy and aesthetic desserts and drinks for his family, friends, and community.  Teresa was deemed “The Face of the Operation” because of her flair for décor, creative mind, and ability to connect with people. She is inspired by the power of creative spaces and a welcoming spirit. Son’s can-do attitude and Trung’s extensive restaurant, culinary and service experience earned them the collective title “The Muscle of the Business.”  They get things done! Phuoc’s been a Renton area business fixture for over 21 years. He knows his neighbors and has gratefully served the business and consumer community. For these reasons, the four are strong believers in community. To this end, they are working closely with the Renton Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Renton Partnership to create a fun environment for their neighbors.

The BOGA Difference

We are confident that you, too, will experience the difference here at BOGA boba. Our boba drinks are crafted from fresh ingredients, carefully sourced, and artfully prepared, making an experience like none you’ve had before. Our flavor-packed syrups are made in-house using natural cane sugar – no cheap stuff like high fructose and corn syrups here. Our texture and flavor-enhancing purees are made daily using fresh ripe fruits. After tasting hundreds of teas, Trung selected the best of the best, Vital T Leaf tea company. Their carefully sourced top-grade loose-leaf teas are brewed daily, ensuring freshness and quality you can see and taste. So we welcome you to come chill with us and taste the BOGA difference.