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OCTOBER 29, 2022


What Happens Here

Drink and Eat at BOGA

Cozy Hangout at BOGA

Cozy Hangout

BOGA has a family friendly environment, where you can hangout with friends or simply get school or office work done. Not only do we have delicious drinks and Free WiFi... There are even fun games to play with!

Drinks at BOGA

Aesthetic Features

We thrive to create beautiful drinks with quality healthy ingredients. All milk-based drinks are organic, and we also offer non-dairy options for you as well. Because it's who we are... We will always be creating new things for you to keep your taste buds happy!


Bursting with Flavors

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  • Pink Horchata

    House Rice Milk, Cinnamon Dust, Pink Dragonfruit

  • Thai Tea

    Celon Tea, Condensed Milk, Grass Jelly

  • Lavender Lemonade

    Fresh Squeeze Lemon, Lavender

  • Hong Kong Lemon tea

    Black Tea, Lemon, Local Honey

  • Traditional Milk Tea

    Milk Oolong, Alexandar Farm Organic Milk, Cloud Foam

  • Green Tea Mojito

    Green Tea, Strawberry, Mint, Lime

  • Matcha Strawberry

    Matcha Green, Alexandar Farm Organic Milk, Strawberry Puree

  • Strawberry Fresca

    Green Tea, Strawberry Juice, Strawberry Bits

  • Brown Sugar Boba Milk

    Alexandar Farm Organic Milk, Caramel, Brown Sugar Boba

  • Strawberry Milk Tea

    Milk Oolong, Strawberry Puree, Alexandar Farm Organic Milk, Cloud Foam

  • Grapefruit Lychee

    Lychee Black Tea, Ginger, Pink Grapefruit, Lychee Bits

  • Taro Tea

    Taro, Alexandar Farm Organic Milk, Cloud Foam